Back in 1997, Golden Horn produced the very first recording of two friends; Derya Türkan and Murat Aydemir. Album was titled “Ahenk”, meaning "harmony" in Turkish. This title reflected these two musicians' friendship as well as their style and performance of Turkish & Ottoman classical music. At that time, Derya and Murat were in their early twenties. They already had many years of performance experience in prestigious ensembles. Both of them had very sound training in their style of music. They were students of the leading players of Turkish classical music and showed a lot of promise for the future. In this musical tradition, teacher-student relationship never ends. It is a life long relationship. In addition, both Derya and Murat had the honor of playing with masters of this tradition in many occasions. Both musicians perform in other groups, sometimes together, sometimes separately and have their own individual musicianship and musical interests. When they get together to play, as very capable extensions and performers of music that reaches back centuries, they perform on tanbur and kemence, in a style that has become seldom displayed.

Over the years, first album’s title gave the duo it is name: "Ahenk Duo". Ahenk’s second recording continues where the first album left. Both musicians have been living up to expectations and they are now considered to be leading performers of their respective instruments. Both Derya and Murat recorded other albums as well. Initial volume of Ahenk, over the years, became a reference album for many; not only for those individuals who were getting their first introduction to this tradition, but also for those who had immersed themselves in this music already. Both albums contain compositions from various periods of classical music as well as taksims (improvisations) performed solo and jointly. This joint improvisation style is a development that Murat and Derya have inherited from their teachers and continue to perform. Murat also demonstrates this style on another duo recording, this time with the ney player Salih Bilgin on album called “Neva”.

As the producer of these recordings, I am very excited about this website. I hope that it will become a platform of communication between musicians and listeners. We intend to keep audience informed with developments in both recording and performance areas.

At a personal level, working with Derya and Murat in Ahenk and their other projects have been very wonderful and special. Their mastery of this art form and dedication to it is amazing. Whenever I hear the sounds from these recordings, I feel happy to be part of and involved in these projects. I wish both of them long lives, happiness and success.

Again welcome, and enjoy your visit.

Ates Temeltas
Executive Director, Producer
Golden Horn Records


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