Our student years in Conservatory were our childhood and youth years at the same time. During that time period as we started to construct our future, we took our first steps in the discovery path of our instruments tanbur and kemence.
Our instruments were our toys as much as they were our support for our future. We, perhaps, had one good thing and luck that does not happen to everyone. We lived the happiness of our toys becoming our instruments. Thanks to our instruments, we discovered Tanburi Cemil Bey during our school years. Tanburi Cemil Bey, who is the master of tanbur and kemence, with his improvisations and compositions, become our guide and we accepted him and his art as our guide.
We had the opportunity of coming together, working and given concerts together with masters such as Necdet Yasar, Ihsan Özgen, Erol Deran and Niyazi Sayin, such legendary names, who have shouldered and carried Turkish instrumental music to these days after Cemil Bey.
Ahenk is the special name of a duo, whose repertoire and performance style follows how traditional Turkish instrumental music should be performed and expressed, who is dedicated more to how to perform these works instead of having a claim or pretension.
As Ahenk we have performed in many concerts and participated in television and radio programs in Turkey after the release of our first album. In 2003 we performed in eight cities in Germany and in 2005, we toured the United States and gave concerts in seven cities. Developments in the last eight years with respect to our repertoires, performance and music understanding, brought us the idea of a second album and with this, “Ahenk, Volume 2” was born. We are happy to present this work to you, art lovers.

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